Male patient of age 14 comes in opd on date 11/09/2020 with compalin of seizures and white material from mouth on off Since long Last seizures 10/09/2020 Chief Complaints Seizures on off Weakness History History of taking medication for same problem since long from various sources and Ayurvedic tt from village Patient withdraw medicine himself since January 2020 Last seizures 10/09/2020 Vitals Bp:120/70 Pulse:100 Physical Examination Conscious and oriented App: Normal Bladder and bowel Normal Sleep normal Investigations Cbc:NAD MRI head: NAD Diagnosis Epilepsy Management I treat with Tab:Levipil 500 bd Tab: MCB 500 od Tab:Shelcal 250 od No episode of seizures since medicine start I want to discuss what to do next Either i continoue same or change dose??? And how long??

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Seizure may appear due to fluctuations of medication itself. Need of EEG base suppression of seizure activity. CT brain to rule out anatomical ds.

Thank you doctor

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