Epilepsy with Hypertension

A 35 year old male salesman by profession and very well built Chief Complaints Complaints of generralised discomfort, vertigo and difficulty opening eyes History He is a known case of epilepsy and is taking Eptoin CR 300mg HS Eptoin 100mg OD morning Tab Folvite 5mg once daily Tab Escitalent plus HS He even states his BP remains on a higher side when measured at home around 168/100mmhg Vitals RBS - 106mg/dl BP - 160/90 PR - 123/min Management Anti Hypertensive of choice in such patient? Does anti epiletics needs alteration in this scenario? Kindly give your valuable feedback




Phenytion prolong effective refractory period and suppresses ventricular pacemaker automaticity shortens action potential in the heart. So avoid Phenytion Put him on Levetiracetem Nebivilol 5 OD Clonazepam 0.5 HS

One type of Ayurvedic herbal remedy believed to be effective for epilepsy is called siddharthaka ghrita. Aswagandharistam is used for epilepsy and insanity; it is thought to increase one's energy, vitality, and strength and to provide physical nourishment.

Needs Na+, K+, Urea creatinine CBC, Lipid profile,BS(F) PP, HbA1c. CT Scan of Brain. Tab. Gemvert /Vertigen 1tab.BDAC --- Consult with EYE SPECIALIST and NEUROLOGIST for the better treatment and management.

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