Eruption on nose after piercing

F/32 years complaint of eruption on nose after piercing since 3 days watery & bloody discharge Pain++ tenderness++ Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- sweets Aversion- no menses normal urine,stool- normal Suggest treatment Doctor




It quite common after piercing no need of medicine... Only callendulla ointment heal the condition... Temporary remove the nose pin n apply neem stick over there....

No need of medicines... just remove the nose pin and use a fine thin neem stick and apply paste made of turmeric with desi ghee...

Removal of pin and dressing should be done by calendula q give sedum and calendula in bd in 30 potency for 2 days and observe

Led.pal 1m/3dose Hepar sulph30 tds CS 6x tds

Ledum pal

Advise to remove the nose pin. Acute prescription based on acute totality. With local dressing. Can put a thin stick from the neem leaf in the hole to avoid closure, which will again require Piercing and cause trouble to the patient. The stick can be kept till the healing happens.

Taking care of a nose piercing and keeping it clean is straightforward and should help prevent a bump appearing around the piercing. If a nose piercing bump does occur, it may be helped by changing jewelry, applying tea tree oil, or using a warm water compress.

It's an allergic reaction to jewellery and is common. Advise warm compress, cleaning the area with salt water regularly. And mostly the piercing should not be removed as it may close itself and trap the bacteria.

Advise to remove the causative agent, ask to use made up different material. Use calendula mother tincture for cleaning purpose

Advise to remove the nose ring and clean the area with Triphala Kashaya Septilin 2 tab BD Mahamanjishthadi Kashaya

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