Erythema B/l eyes

72/y/o male patient with K/C/O DM and glaucome since 10 years. Has come with complaints of pain & itching of eyes with associated periorbital erythema and edema. There is constant feeling of dryness and foreign body sensation in eyes. No H/O any systemic disease. He has been on treatment for glaucoma from past few years. Using allopathy medicines-latanoprost and brimonidine timolol. He is pitta vata prakriti Agni avara bala Mala sama Jihva sama




बेलेडोना एसिड-फास जेलसिमियम सल्फर

Rx Triphala eye wash 4times/day Pindi -Lodhra+Yashti+Ghee Aschyotana -Isotine plus+Isotine0/02times each/day Seka-Ksheera+shatavari+yashti If not subsided with medication do Jalukavacharana at apanga side. Tab Kaishora Guggulu 1 BD

D/d Periorbital atopic dermatitis, eczema, allergic Contact dermatitis. Advise patch test to confirm diagnosis.

It's due to DM & Glucoma... Must require combined opinion of endocrinologist & Ophthalmologist

Sulp.,lyco.,puls give after differenciation Opinion on the basis of present rubric

How can an ayurvedic physician differentiate homoeopathic medicines, is she trained for it....

Opthacare eye dropde Thriphala tab Maha magistadi kadwa Alerin tab

Need Opthalmologist and endocrinologist opinion....

Need opthalmologist n endocrinologist opinion......

Advice of endocrinologist is helpful

नेत्र चिकित्सक से परामर्श करें।

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