Erythematous,hyperkeratotic plaque

31/y/o came for evaluation and treatment of a lesion that arose on her forehead. It was first noted several months ago. It was asymptomatic until recently; the edge occasionally bleeds. He has past sun exposure for long time and smokes cigarettes. He denies prior history of skin problems. Examination reveals a 1.4-cm hyperkeratotic plaque with an erythematous, slightly crumbled medial margin. Prakriti- vatakapha Agni- tikshna Jihva- saama



Pancha Tikta Ghrita Guggulu Giloya Ghan Vati Gandhak Rasayan Tab Avippatikar Churna Khadirarishta Neem Face Wash Local Application of Cutis Cream.

Agree with the management sir

Khadiradi vati Tab urtiplax Panchatiktha ghrita guggulu Gandhak rasayan Manjisthadi kwath Kaya kalp vati Arogyavardhani vati Avipittikar churna Avoid spicy food and pack food

after detoxification leech application respons is very good

कायाकल्प तेल लगाने व कायाकल्प वटी 2 सुबह शाम जल से सेवन कराएं।

Apricots, pomegranates kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice cucumber, maintain oral hygiene, Medicare soAp, turmeric powder paste, sulpha if tolerant boiled diet wear pee capkhus LEP

Sulphur 200

Dear Dr.Shraddha Solanki ma'am, Advice for the case. Sy. Raktasalsa. Tab. Purim. G D All cream.


Rx Nux vom.

Give medicine according based on presenting totality

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