Excessive Hair loss

Male patient of age of age 26 Chief Complaints Excessive Hair loss History Patient compalin that this scenario happen since 10 years but in last one year hair loss is excessive History of taking medication for same but no relief Minoxidil 2% now upgrade to 5% Vitals Normal Physical Examination Nad Investigations WNL Diagnosis Androgenic alopecia Management Need opinion Patient already on minoxidil 5% since two months Any other regime?? Or method to fix this



Androgenic Alopecia..? Alopecia areata..? Management.. Tab minoxidil.. Tab biotin 20 Mg od.. Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements grape seed extract ginger tree extract ginkgo tree extract càp synory od pc with mornings after meal.. Protein supplement.. Maintenance hygiene.. Coconut oil use.. Tree tea oils use.. Maintenance hygiene..

Thanks doctor

Alopecia areata Androgenic Alopecia Tab. Keraboost or Zinifol -z One tab. OD x 3 months. Cap. Zestafit 7G one cap. OD x 30days.

Thank you Sir@Dr. Rakesh Kayasth (pt) .

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ALOPECIA AREATA WITH TRICHOTILLOMANIA Appears to be heridetory Minoxidil lotion 5%infiltration twice daily Cap zebihair one od Intralesional inj kenacort Sos hair transplant

Minoxidil 5% 1ml twice daily Nutritional therapy Finasteride 1mg daily. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Looks like Alopecia Areata

Androgenic alopecia Minoxidil with finasteride may help Also PRP treatment in monthly intervals

@PRP ; Meso ; laser therapy ; tab Dutasteroid ; cap adgain plus

Valuable opinion

Androgenic alopecia Mintop 5% Finasteride 1mg Prp Tab nueribium forte Itralesional kenacort

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