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My mother 70 years old had been complaining of pain on/off left ear accompanied with tinnitus in ear from last several months Chief Complaints It had all started when last year Diwali she was exposed to high intensity sound of crackers I had a consultation with ENT speacialist in July 2020, after which she has felt better, but occasionally experience sudden onset pain, but no tinnitus and now we dont expose her to high frequency sounds Management Recently, a hearing aid company marketing people came to me and advertise their product, My concern is will hearing aid be of any help with such audiometry reports and complaints og her?




So far hearing aids are concerned there is no significant loss of hearing whatever audiomatry is suggesting is age related You asked about pain which is of sudden onset appears to be middle ear infection Tinitus ear is related to blockage of eustian tube as indrawing 9f ear drum leads to negative pressure and hence pain and echos Any h/o perforation As seems these are senile symptoms age related 9nly

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It is a typical case of Acoustic trauma. Classical finding of boilermarkers notch can be seen as a dip in 4 khz in the left ear with high frequency sensorineural hearing loss in both the ears. Since the speech frequencies are preserved she wont be having much difficulty in hearing in daily activities..Since there can be Transient threshold shift (TTS) in acoustic trauma or noise induced hearing loss it is wise to consider repeat PTA in order to know the degree of recovery. In the initial phase she could have recieved intra tympanic steroid injections... My suggestion 1. Get one Fresh PTA done from a good audiologist. 2. Tab. Rabagen Otic 3. Hearing aid - not required if she doesn't has much difficulty in hearing..but if she does then we can go for it. 4. Avoid exposure to loud noise.

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Conduction defect She will be ok without hearing aid Tell her concert on lips movement Tell opposite people to talk in normal tone

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