exposure to an electrical explosion. what are the most important considerations?



Along with dressings splintage in functional position and physiotherapy to avoid Joint stiffness is the most important thing


You have asked specific question...There are only 2 considerations..1.Functional. 2 Cosmetic. first let the tissues come back to normalcy..by usual care..hand elevation, splintage..in position of function. few points imp. the cosmetics of hand and face are important..as these are exposed areas.. also in any case of electric burn or injury..an ECG...is never out of pkace. burn injury go more in. than spread.. so ars deep.

Since it is burn injury by electric hence shrunked skin like scald burns but deep to skin burns are extensive and deep hence debridement with perfect sterlised dressings like bactigrass will help in healing coverage by broadspectrum antibiotics manage fluid loss .

Remove dead skin apply bactericidal lotion with silver nitrate 2%...flexion and extension exercise of fingers..TAB. amoxy clavunic 625 TDS ..RUTOSIDE TRYPSIN BROMALIN COMBINATION...NSAID SOS

Symptomatic treatment, Analgesics, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, bactigras dressing, Burn relief ointment locally apply, Fluid replacement RL/DNS if needed.

Asses dehydration,Inj TT,Local antibiotics c anaesthetic agent, Systemic antibiotics,PPI,IV fluids,NSAID, Anxiolytic,Daily wound dressing,B-complex

R/O Neurovascular injuries as well as muscle, tendon, joint injuries Vital parameters Antibiotics Analgesic Cleaning and dressing Experts opinion

Stat Ecg and repeat after 12 hr Electrolyte levels Hydration and fluid intake Electrolyte supplement if req Dressing Phsiotherapy

Dear Dr.Ruchika It requires ASD witt Muporocin ,ball bandage,pressure dressings ans antibiotics cover

Adv. Dressing by aercomycin cream & cap aercobiotic 1 od, neuron drops 10 drops in 1/4 cup of water

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