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Express Pharma US pharma firm, Advanced Penetration Technology tests FDA-approved ointment to treat COVID-19 A research concludes that APT T3X effectively neutralises viral infectivity within seconds and its topical intranasal use can decrease the viral load A US pharma company has successfully tested a Food and Drug Administration-approved over the counter (OTC) ointment as the first line of defence against the deadly coronavirus. Scientists associated with the project said the FDA-registered non-prescription OTC ointment has been proven to prevent, treat and kill viral infections including coronavirus. “As per the lab report states, no infectious virus was detected after 30 seconds of T3X treatment,” the pharma company said in a statement. “We believe this will be a breakthrough that will reduce the likelihood of becoming infected with coronavirus through the nose, which is where most cases are contracted,” said Dr Brian Huber, CEO and founder of Advanced Penetration Technology, which is based out of Indiana and Texas. “This is a big deal. It is the type of protection a lot of people have been hoping for and could be the first line of defence against the COVID virus. It is a powerful and effective layer of prevention,” Huber said. He was speaking after the company released the results of independent laboratory evaluation of a topical medical formulation that mitigates coronavirus from entering the body through the nasal passages, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of people becoming infected with the virus. A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concluded that people contract COVID-19 and other viruses primarily through the nose. However, the virus may still enter a body through the mouth and the eyes. “T3X is an FDA registered, over-the-counter formulation, which means that no prescription is needed. It is easy to use and can be self-administered without the assistance of medical personnel or technicians,” the company said. A London-based research laboratory, Virology Research Services, evaluated the anti-viral impact of the product, named APT T3X, against coronavirus (NL63) and Influenza A virus and concluded that it is a highly effective formulation against coronavirus, it said. The research concludes that APT T3X effectively neutralises viral infectivity within seconds. The anti-viral efficacy supports the topical intranasal use of APT T3X to decrease the viral load of exposure. “Under the conditions tested, APT T3X displays a 99.9 per cent virucidal activity against human coronavirus NL63,” the company said. The testing was performed over two months, in May and June. All definitive anti-viral assays were performed in triplicate, it said. The product was initially developed eight years ago for resistant-bacterial infections, but its formulation additionally provides powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral therapies. It has no documented side effects. However, patients diagnosed with Lyme disease should be aware of a potential ‘Herx’ reaction shortly after use, the company said.


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A hope for the COVID-19 patients in india as india is the hub of manufacturing of vaccines

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Wish this comes true n effective really need freedom from masks

Available in India cost New to wear ppp kit or no Nice post rahat ki sas

Oh god send it to india is in urgent need Sir great breakthrough Welcome

Thank you doctor

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Briefly explained!! Thankyou doctor

Thank you doctor

Useful post sir...

Very useful information sir

Nice one


Very very sweet information

Breakthrough invention... if it really helps then will be very useful for prevention of disease spread....

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