Pt is young male aged 24 yrs with ho RTA and head injury with ho altered sensorium and ent bleed GCS E1V3M5 pt was intubated in er Interpret ct findings and management


There is acUte EDH with overlying parietal bone fracture and subgaleal hematoma and minimal pmeumocephalus for sure BUT THERE ARE Also multiple right maxillary bone fractures with hemosinus, kindly note and confirm thanx

# Undisplaced left parietal with EDH Left temporal, sulcal blood left temporal suggestve of focal SAH,with a few air pockets suggestive of pneumocephalus.No significant midline shift. Suggest active supportive nanagement, Ref to Neurosurgeon

EDH at left temporo parietal convexity with mild mass effect

Fracture left parietal bone with extradural heamatoma with pneumoencepholocoele

Basal skull fracture evacuation of haematoma craniotomy

Ct scan appears to be normal

Left EDH with multiple small pneumocephalus, with edema Need urgent removal of left EDH

Fracture parietal bone with hematoma Neuro opinion Mannitol Piracetam Citicoline Dexamethasone

Can be managed conservatively . With 3 % Nacl @ 40 ml/hr. With anti epileptics and analgesics

No mannitol please

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