Extrapulmonary symptoms of COVID-19

Extrapulmonary symptoms of COVID-19 A recent article in the journal Nature Medicine referred to the extrapulmonary symptoms of COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the cell through the ACE2 receptor, which is present in organs other than the lungs. As a result, the virus can infect many organs. This article refers to thrombotic complications, arrhythmias and heart dysfunction, acute coronary syndrome, acute renal injury, gastrointestinal symptoms, liver damage, hyperglycemia and ketosis, neurological diseases, ocular symptoms and skin complications.



A much needed- valuable short compilation of extra - pulmonary manifestations of COVID-19. As we all have started our O.P.D's despite increasing number of positive cases - this pictogram will be a useful guide as patient may present with varied manifestations of COVID-19. Thanks

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Wonderful and nice narration of all Covid 19 symptoms in a pictogram

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Very nice post.varied extrapulmonary symptoms are helpful.pt presents with different uncommon symptoms .pt presents with classical symptomps rarely.

Useful sir

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