F.20. c/o Right flank pain. h/o Past UTI Sr.creatinine--0.81. KUB & IVP.



Grade 3 Right sided hydronephrosis with hydroureter with right Ureterocele with typical Adder head appearance or cobra head appearance

Dr yogrj is correct.

Right ureterocele with HDUN right.

Right hydrouretronephrosis

Right ureterocele with HDUN right.

Hydronephrosis with hydro ureter with ureterocele.

right hydroureteronephrosis

Rt hydronephrosis with rt hydroureter with ? filling defect in bladder.Adv cystoscopy /urine AFB.

Rt side hydronephrosis...

Right uretetocele with hun Cobra head appearance

Right ureterocele

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