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F.24. Married for 4yrs. No issue. Cycle regular and average flow. HSG.


Concluded answer

Dilated and elongated cervical canal. Thick and prominent plicae palmatae. Chronic cervicitis. Normal uterine cavity. Both fallopian tubes normal. Bilateral free spilling.

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Normal study

Normal hsg.HSA need to be done

ET block

Patent tubes with free spill. ?? Left peritubular adhesions

Seems normal HSG.Will proceed with husband's semen analysis and hormonal assessment of the pt including thyroid profile and endometrial biopsy for ovulation.

Normal uterus with free spillage.

Lt fallopian tube is patent Rt tube partially blocked Can conceive with one side patency Investigate semen exam Ovulation study EB Thyroid profile

Husband’s semen analysis If normal may start t/t for infertility

May need Hormone profile...... And.... Diagnosis laparoscopy...... For Emdometrium Biopsy


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