20yrs/M Since 3 yrs..... Tinea Corporis....? Suggest Better Rx....?

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tinea corporis Tab. Itra 200 mg OD. Tab. Atarax 25 mg HS. Lulimac solution for LA. Clotrimazole powder. Ketomac soap.
Thanks Dr. Shital
Tinea infection / recalcitrant (corporis, facies, mannum, cruris) Tab grisoflavin 250mg BD x 21 day Tab zocon 150 mg twice a wks x 4 wks Terbinaforce cream Sertaconazole / Luliconazloe lotion Keto soap Clotrimazole powder Multivitamins & antioxidant Seacod & Evion 400mg Maintain personal hygiene Improve general body health Intake Plenty Intake Plenty of more water orally
Tenia corporis plus lichen planus patches also.......rx cap itraconazole 200 od tab atarax... laboderm oc.....once lesions are controlled. Switch over to miconazole ...or ketoconazole soap........but b in touch with pt bcz relapse is very common
Tinea 4 to 6 week fluka 150 mg od grisofluvin 2 GM divided doses oint luliconazole oint od 28 days keto soap dry cloth loose cloth moist region fungus grow
Cap osheetra 100mg bd Levocitirizine 5mg hs Lucika cream LA bd Continue treatment at least 2 months Maintain hygein
Tenia Flucanazole 150mg once weekly Levocetrizine 20mg Use Ketocanazole shampoo and Ointment externally.
Octagonal 200mg OD for 21 days Tab Lecope 5mg BD Tab Defacort BD Lotion Toldate
Mycosis fungoides Corticosteroids Vitamin A medicine Soap KZ. twice
difficult to treat nowdays as it has became resistant t.corporis
LSC, Steroids ointment topically antihistomonics Antioxidants
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