Case of URTI

It is one of the useful remedies in hay fever. There is a persistent violent sneezing with itching and tingling in the nose. 'Spasmodic sneezing; runny nose'. The patient is chilly and sensitive to cold. < odour of flowers. Even thinking of flowers evokes an allergic response. In the mental sphere, the patient has erroneous notions about himself. He may imagine himself sick. Or, he may think that parts of his body have been disfigured; shrunken, swollen, etc. One of its famous mental symptoms is the 'illusion that she has some horrible throat disease that will be fatal'. Worse thinking of complaints. Medicine can be?


Thank you doctor
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Allium Cepa, 30xbd.
Arundo maurit may be.
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