these are the hormonal profile and tumour marker of 6yr with no secsexual characters with spotting once in 3mths for past 1yr,your valuable opinion and further coarse of management past h/o of poly ostotic fibrous dysplasia, MRI done uterus 35mm:11mm;17mm,right ovary enlarged,56*51mm with multiple cysts,largest 45*44,left normal16*15mm


This is mc cune albright syndrome. asociated with precausious puberty, hypothyroidism, vitamins d deficiency etc. This child should be treated by endocrinologist and paediatric orthopaedic. spotting can be treated after thes. hmg and s estradiol levels.
dear doctors,i have gone through net,it is MC cune Albright syndrome,but I would like to know the prognosis and management for this case from endocrinologist s or paediatrician
Mc cune albright syndrome .Can i have serum estradiol report, uterine dimensions .i see breast tanner stage 2
? secondary hyperthyroidism
Advice MRI brain
has a pituitary lesions been ruled out?
Hypothyroidism, advised elthroxin.
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