Textiloma post cesarean section

A 26-year-old female patient was presented with mild complaint at her pubic region. She had a history of lower abdomen pain a month prior and also overwent cesarean section a year ago for delivery her child.

- Textiloma , a foreign cloth material inside the site of surgery mean there may a forgotten gauze piece/ moup or rollar pack... - But it is surprising to develop symptoms after one year of post LSCS - Laparotomy is only answer
Forgotten moup or gauze during LSCS one year back. Remove by laparotomy
It is an uncommon surgical complication
@Dr. Ramesh Patel i wonder how the patient sustained all this asymptomaticaly more than a year now with no suppurative change and peritonitis
- Exactly Dr. Zaka, as during postoperative period under cover of higher antibiotics and variable on immune response there may be covered sac which bear asymptomatic status, just like a Antibioma (Cold Abscess) .
Get her urine re and micro Give her anti inflammatory analgesics
Adhesions of cesarean scar to pelvis
Laparotomy needed

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