F25. c/o Haemoptysis twice 15 days back. Fever and joint pain.


Media trachea pulled to left Fibrosis left upper zn Joint pain is part of fever There seems a level like that of lung absecc in left lwr Zn But as this level is tilted so may be old

Haemptysis is common in old ptb pts

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Left uz cicatrization collapse with pull of trachea to left side, compensatory hyperinflation of rt lung with its herniation to left side... Old tb sequale... rule out active tb ( less likely) Fungal infection (aspergillus) . Sputum for afb, fungal stain, if nonconclusive then bronchoscopy... Till then give supportive treatment, propped up position, cough suppresant (after sputum collection) , tranexamic acid , ethamsylate, iv fluids, blood group cross match, cect thorax to rule out Rasmussen aneurysm

As per CXR finding pt.seems to be a case of Old case of Koch,s chest. Pt should be investigated for cause of haemoptysis. Do Sputum for AFB , CBNAAT. and CE CT Thorax . . Treat accordingly.

Left UZ fibrobronchiectatic changes with hyperinflation right side and shifted mediastinal to left s/o old kochs sequeale Also rule out active kochs

Left upper Zone PTB.. fibrocavitory lesion n shift of trachea n Mediastinum to same side. Sputum For AFB & CBNAAT required. Start ATT.

I agree with Dr V Patel

Left pleuroparenchymal fibrosis . Probably sequele of old pulmonary tuberculosis . Details of past treatment history r required. Rule out active kochs.

Fibrlbonchectatjc changes with super added infection and loss of lung volume and shift of trachea to left ? old kochs

Fibrotic change in left upper zone of lung s/o old kochs

Old healed PTB,causing haemoptysis.

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