Role of Ayurveda in treating Covid-19

This is the wonderful message from Charaka Samhitafrom the “Janapada Dvamsa Vyadhi” chapter. This means that during epidemics, they performed doom doomasvanadyay … so as they did during the old days; they would play the drum during epidemics. Doom, Doom, Doom. Even now in India, the prime minister told the people, “You ring a bell or clap just to honor those people who are working to fight this coronavirus.” So even in your home, you can do puja (ritual), you can do arti (offering of light during puja), burn a little camphor and do arti or ghee lamp. The others in your household can clap during the puja. This clapping sound is a kind of marma. It is a marma of the heart, marma of the lungs, marma of the kidneys, and this clapping will strengthen your energy. It will send a message to your internal organs. So this is also doom doomasvaniaydahya. So doom doom is a mantra. You can chant OM. You can chant Hari Om. Or, you can say Jai Ganesh. All these are very creative, positive vibrations of higher Consciousness and they will support our family, will support our friends, will support our neighbors so that we will stand together, walk together, share together the same truth. Uthistaha (Rise Up)  Jagrataha (Wake Up)  Prapyavaranbodinva [Let us] Achieve the highest supreme knowledge


Dear Dr. Minhaj Ahmed, Your articlr from Janpadodhvansh is best and the sentence ऊत्तिष्ठ : जागृत : प्राप्यवरान्निबोधत: || is very proper in this condition.
Thank you doctor
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