F28. Cough with scanty expectoration. Weakness,pain chest Intermittent fever and DOE...2months


Radiologically it is a multiple cavitory lesions with surrounding consolidation probably due to Koch's etiology.

Multiple cavitatiry lesions and pleural effusion right lung.

Kochs chest with pl effusion rt side

There is extensive fibro patchy lesions right lung with obliterated right CP angle, left upper zone. Hila are pulled upwards, there is also renting of right dome. The picture fits with pleuro pulmonary TB and it's sequel. With this extensive fibrosis, it is probably Old PTB, activity to be assessed.

Rt upper fibrotic & mid fibrocavitory lesion rt basal subpleuritic effusion do tapping if fluid more then 100 confirm by usg chest cbnat if tapping done then fluid for routine adacell malignant cell gene expert culture & sensitivity pure case of active Koch's

Multicavitory pulmonary kochs Rt side with effusion with mediastinal shift to rt either due to fibrosis or collapse

Diffuse honeycombing right lung field sequaele of old infection with blunted right costophrenic angle...

Rt. Pulmonary tuberculosis with pl. effusion with minimal active pulmonary tuberculosis Lt. side.

PTB with Rt Pleural effusion. ?Active infiltration with old healed fibrotic lesions.

Rt. Pulmonary tuberculosis with cavitary lesions and pleural effusion

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