INFERTILITY CAUSED BY TUBAL BLOCKAGE : AN AYURVEDIC APPROACH TUBAL blockage is one of the leading causes of female infertility. By correlating the fallipian tubes as the arthavavaha srotas and it's block as sanga of the arthavavaha srotas. The Moola of arthavavaha srotas is garbhashay and arthavavaha dhamanis. Injury to these causes vandhyatva ( infertility), maithuna asahishnutha (dyspareunia), and arthavanasha( amenorrhea or annovulation) . Dosha : a. vara dosha - acharya kashtapaadukalum mentioned vandhyatva under nanatmaja vata vikara. vata dushti in the arthavavaha srotas dur to its riksha, daruna, khara gunas causes sanchoka of the srotas b. kapha dosha: due to its " avarodhaka and shopajanaka " properties it causes sanga in srotas. Hence TUBAL BLOCKAGE can be considered as a " Vatakaphajanya vikara ". When any kind of infections are present, pitta involvement can also be noted. CLINICAL FEATURE: The only clinical feature seen is infertility or vandhyatva. TYPES: a. VANDHYA : Absolute sterility caused by congenital absence of uterus or arthava. this doesn't indicate tubal blockage directly. b. APRAJA : Primary infertility in which a women conceives after treatment. This type may be due to tubal blockage. c. SAPRAJA : In this condition a women after giving birth to one or more children does not conceive in her reproductive age. Here the most important cause is tubal blockage due to postpartum infection of the reproductive organs . TYPES ACCORDING TO HARITHA a. KAKAVANDHYA : Secondary infertility b. ANAPATHYA : Primary infertility c. GARBHASRAVI : A women with Habitual abortions d. MRTAVATSA : A women who repeatedly gives birth to stillborn babies. e. DHATUKSHAYA : A women who doesn't conceive due to kshaya of dhatus. f. AJATHA RAJASKA : Infertility due to garbhasanchoka caused by coitus with a girl before menarche. Among these KAKAVANDHYA and ANAPATHYA can be considered as due to TUBAL BLOCKAGE. @#cap Admin Ayurveda


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