F30. Cough with expectoration 2months Chest pain 2months No history of fever. Past history of taking ATT for 3months and now discontinued for 15days.



Extensive Fibro Cavitery lesions RUZ, RMZ, patchy infiltration RLZ and LMZ. Hila prominent. Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Rounded cavitatory lesions in right lung field with extensive fibrosis and bullamatous lesions in left lung field

Extensive fibrocavitary lesion on RUL, RML and RLL. Start ATD. Rule out MDR TB. Do sputum for GeneXpert MTB and also mycobacterial culture and DST if needed. Rule out immunosuppression.

There are fibrovascular cavities rt upper zone and rt mid zone with infiltrates this a case of MDR PUL TB

Fibrotic changes Rt lung. Pul. TB.

Adding to what’s mentioned above the diffuse shadows in the right upper zone looks suspecious for re activation

Rt kouch of lungs

Rt extensive parenchymal/ fibro cavitary disease(destroyed lung); Lt mz infiltrative disease. Start & continue Att/ sputum for culture & sensitivity: R/o DM & other immuno compromised states.

Rt all lobes consolidated with loculated cavitations likely tb, evaluate for mdr Tb. Hiv

This is extensive koch's lung

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