Full mouth rehabilitation of severely mutilated dentition with Facebow

A patient aged 61 years came to our centre with completely mutilated dentition. She had multiple missing teeth along with periodontaly compromised condition . Went in for complete Endodontic treatment , extraction of multiple rootstump , periodontal flap surgical procedure followed by rehabilitation with metal free crowns and bridges . Done with face bow transfer and Hanau semi adjustable articulator .



But if the patient is periodonticaly compromised then how do you give her fpd? And zirconia????
Periodontally comprimised dosent mean we cant go for zirconia , as its the most biocompatible material whcih can be given as a crown / prosthesis .

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Thats the opg , had done SRP
Thats the OPG at the start of treatment . Dont have an opg after tbe procedure. Had done SRP , extractions of ant lowers , re rct and intentional rct of all tooth . Then went in for full mouth rehab . Dint alter the Vertical diamension.
Send some radiograps?
Gud wrok
Weldone sir
Nice work
Gud work