Those covid positive having only anosmia and loss of taste sensation, what adv we can give?

Thanks Dr Prashant Ved for initiating a less commonly discussed topic on COVID- 19 . Anosmia and dysgeusia or ageusia are an important symptoms of early disease. During appearance of these symptoms patients are have high transmissibility of COVID-19 disease and require strict isolation. Incidence in various studies of Anosmia and dysgeusia/ ageusia are more than 15 % and in some studies more than 33%. Damage to olfactory nerve during invasion of SARS - COV - 2 and its rapid multiplication is the cause of anosmia . Ageusia is secondary to olfactory dysfunction with damage of mucosal epithelial cells of oral cavity. Patient should be advised no specific treatment , but an assurance as most of these symptoms recover completely by 3 weeks and median time of recovery is 7 days . But in some these may be the only symptoms of COVID- 19 and all patients with these symptoms of short duration should be tested for COVID- 19 THANKS
All COVID positive patients can transmit disease to others, therefore they need isolation Sammy COVID positive patients can deteriorate with time, therefore they need monitoring Treatment is controversial, hydroxychloroquin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, Ivermectin, methylprednisolone , antibiotics are used by many physicians, but many of these medication are associated with significant side effect, they can not be generalized, and need to be used carefully
Infact it is asymptomatic stage of covid19 before it flaresup Yes agreed to dr Praveen Yograj well explained developments of covid infection Yes self limiting if virus doesn't flareup Isolation/quarantine Send Rt -pcr for covid19 throat swab If positive than as per protocol
Thanx dr Praveen Yograj
This is a symptomatic case of COVID 19 .He needs strict quarantine and should follow strict symptomatic COVID + ve protocol. Deterioration is unpredictable and hence needs strict observation.
Anosmia nd loss of taste might be initial symptoms in covid positive pt So should follow all protocols given to corona patient.
Isolation treatment according to ICMR guidelines