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A 32 y/o male presented with a c/c of an intermittent dull ache in the right lower back jaw for the past 1 month. He had undergone root canal therapy irt 47 3 months before. TOP +ve, and the buccal vestibule adjacent to the tooth was tender on palpation. IOPA X-ray of tooth 47 was exposed. It revealed a separated instrument in the apical third of the distal root was noticed. What will you advice? Can we retrieve it?



Do a conservative hemisection , remove the distal root with max. Retention of the coronal part for the medial root make sure you retrieve the broken instrument visible clinically in your extraction tray, make sure you complete the BMP of the medial root before starting hemisection to remove the distal root, do gic type 9 core built up in the shape of premolar , the tree RCT and core should be done at next appointment, ample of irrigation will be needed...give antibiotics, charge the patient well...
It’s very difficult to retrieve this instrument through RC. Either extract the tooth or apicoectomy
Extract. Also make sure the instrument has come out wth the tooth , curette thoroughly
@Munish Kumar i agree
Thank you so much

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