F42. Cough with expectoration. SOB. DD. please.



Bl extensive patchy consolidation with conglomeration at the costophrenic angles Less likely to be kochs Could be adinocarcinoma Could be atypical pneumonias to diffuse interstitial lung disease Needs history & hrct

PTB/Aspergillosis/Secondaries breast cA/Secondaries from uterin choriocarcinoma.

Needs history of the patient Adenocarcinoma Atypical pneumonia Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, Fungal pneumonia,,silicosis, Atypical peumonia, secondaries And Adenocarcinoma .

Do covid 19 test hrct dd miliarie Tb

I agree with Dr P Antony

Ptb,h1n1 pneumonia

Pulmonary tb bilateral.

Secodaries in lung ?

Multiple fibro cavitary lesion present kochs lungs

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