Spot diagnosis and management. A male aged 30 years having fever , cough since 25 days. During night he feels respiratory distress.


Chest x ray showing miliary mottling. With the above clinical features miliary mottling suggestive of miliary tuberculosis. Treat the patient with standard antitubercular chemotherapy. If patient is ill prednisolone can be given.
1)MTB. 2) Acute eosinophilic pneumonia.

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Both spices and both costophenic angles are spared of miliary shadows. The possibility of Eosinophyllic lung +. (dt: 19/12/16.).
Milliary mottling Apices spared likely pulmonar eososinophilic pneumonia
Military shadows.tuberculosis is first diagnosis.look for tubercles
Milliary tuberculosis Rx ATD
What are the findings suggestive of miliary tb???@Madhan Kumar

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Milliary tuberculosis.
Milliary Tuberculosis
Bronchial pneumonitis
Miliary tuberculosis
Milliary Tuberculosis
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