F45. SOB--- 10days Cough- 6months SPO2- 90%



Complete opacification of right hemithorax with Trachea central. Right massive pleural effusion with collapse of right lung. Right principle bronchus obstruction ( air bronchogram missing). There round opacity at LLZ. Likely Malignancy Rt Lung, malignant effusion with metastatic deposit LLZ.

Sir, Normally,in a chest x-ray,trachea is seen slightly right to the spinous processes of upper thoracic vertebrae. But here it is central that suggests shifting of trachea to left. Mediastinal shift to left. Right hemithorax opaque. Massive pleural effusion.

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Homogenous right hemithorax but the trachea appears central, blunting of right cp angle likely massive pleural effusion with collapse of underlying lung. Well defined opacity in left lower zone likely cannon ball metastasis

Massive Pleural Effusion (Right) without shifting of Trachea.... ?Malignant Involvement of Main bronchus Infiltration of left lung field... Rule out Malignancy

Homozenous opacity rt with shifting of mediastinum to left .Massive pleural effusion rt.

Massive pleural effusion right with shifting of trachea and mediastinum to left.

Massive Rt Pleural Effusion

Massive pleural effusion

Rt sided massive pleural effusion with underlying collapsed rt lung.no mediastinal shift seen, possibly bronchogenic CA as rt main bronchus cut off.

Rt. Massive pleural effusion with underlying collapse of rt. lung.Trachea is central.Its Malignant pl.effusion.

Rt massive pleural effusion...mediatinum.. almost central.... parenchymal lesion might be there

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