Dear Friends Beautiful poster to depict the causes of Breathlessness.. EASY TO REMEMBER I thought it will be helpful to you.. So sharing.. Thanks Dr K N Poddar


Excellent post on shortness of Breath, very usefull for approach to SOB in ED, other imp causes to be remembered in ED include Aortic stenosis Chronic kidney disease with fluid overload leading to pulmonary edema Severe Anaemia leading to high output CCF Decompensated liver failure with gross ascitis
Nice illustration & helpful. .Sir. ...
Very nice and useful.
Nice post
Dear sir, thanks a ton for teaching us constantly. If I may add few causes more: 1>>ARDS 2>>SARCOIDOSIS 3>>ILD 4>>TOXIC GAS INHALATION 5>>ANTHRAX. Thank you sir.
very nice illustration thanks fr the post Dr
Excellent work Nice illustration Thanks sir
That's a nice one sir. Thank you very much
Excellent depiction of all the causes.
Thank you sir for nice presentation.
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