F48. Swelling right groin with pain. (inguinal lympadenitis) IVP

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Double urter first upper last is lower

IVP shows double ureter on Rt. side. Upper calyx is drained by a separate ureter. Middle and lower calyces are drained together by a separate ureter with minimal hydro pelvis.These two ureters can not be traced beyond mid portion due to the presence of intestinal gas. Left kidney and ureter are normal .

Double PC system lower PC system shows hydro pc system means puj obstruction Lt mid ureteric obstruction causing lt hudroureter. Lt mid ureteric structure.

Rt side double ureter.

Right duplex kidney with double ureters and joining before entering into bladder. Left hydronephrosis and hydroureter due to a calculus at VU junction

Rt duplex moity with double ureter and extra renal pelvis of lower moity.. Left duplex moity

In the pelvic portion only one ureteric line is visible on the Rt side.

Inguinal lymphadenitis ➡️ she has any STI ?? ( LV / chancroid ??)

Right duplex PCS with lower moiety hn,

Double ureter and pelvis rt kidney

Double Pelvis & Ureter in RT side

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