50yrs/F, Gradually growing Lesion for last 3yrs (On upper aspect of Rt sided Breast); Recently, Discharge from Centre of da Lesion for last 5days, with mild Pain. She has No -Other S/S. DX N RX.



Marjolin ulcer as it has developed in a scar. Required Biopsy from the edge to rule out Malignancy. Rx. Wide excision including scar tissue with skin grafting. Pus swab from the ulcer for C&S. Appropriate antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs.
Keloid with 2dary Infection. Systemic anti biota & antiinflammatory & antioxidants. Local dressing with glycerin magsulf for 5 days,then with antibiotic ointment.
Marjolin's ulcer .Take edge biopsy from the lesion and if malignancy wide excision with skin grafting. There is associated Keloid
Keloid with secondary infection but ask for Biopsy Blood sugar fasting and post prandal Pus culture
Keloid with secondary infection biopsy from edge of ulcer to be done to rule out malignancy
Infected keloid. antibiotics and analgesics with Cleaning & Dressing
Keloid with ulcer Biopsy from the ulcer margin should be done
Thanks--- Thanks to Everyone for Ur Valuable Opinions ---
Keloid with secondary infection
Keloid infected
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