Soft Palatal swelling

A 52 y/o male presented with a lump on the posterior/lateral junction of the hard and soft palate, present for many years at least 20 years. The swelling did not bother him until a few months ago when it suddenly started to grow and cause some discomfort and speech impairment. He also noticed that the swelling developed an area of surface ulceration. The surface ulceration and discomfort prompted him to seek care. Please give your views. MRI attached, done somewhere else.

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Pleomorphic Adenoma of minor salivary gland on palate is the most common site. Excision & Histopath study is the best line of treatment.
D/d -pleomorphic adenoma,MEC, canalicular adenoma and mucocele.Adv histopathological examination.
Its look like pleomorphic adenoma
P.adenoma Take OPG
An opg doc
Mam, I dont have OPG yet. But i have his MRI done somewhere else. Please have a look