F55. clinical diagnosis..left lower lobe pneumonia.



Cavity rt mid Zn Few old calcified spots rt up Zn Media pulled to left Left lung fibrosed ..volume lost Scan wise Old healed bilateral ptb ........Now .... We have to elucidate history of previous chemotherapy Present symptoms USG of left cp angle Sputum for cbnaat Sp for smear microscopy If elucidation favours reactivity Then att If previous medication is negative And pt is symptomatic of Koch's Then att can be started without delay

Left side consolidation with collapse

Ltsided collapse consolidation cause chr.Tb,bacterial pneumonia

I agree with Dr U Ahmed

Consolidation with presence of air bronchogram in all zones of left lung. Associated features of left sided volume loss (mediastinal shift, higher position of fundic gad shadow). Rt midzone cavity with scattered parenchymal calcification. Possibly, pneumonia in a patient with post-TB sequelae. Active TB needs to be ruled out first.

left sided consolidation with collapse;

Right middle zone cavity ... left lung heterogeneous opacity ..rib crowing is present .. trachea shift to same side. . possible it would be fibrosis or collapse

Consolidation left lung with cavity upper lobe

Extensive air bronchigram seen in left upper lobe and lower lobe s/o consolidation...Also seen calcifications in rt.upper lobe and a cavity ..Mostly s/o kochs

Same as said by gupta sir

Thanks dr Sagar sir
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