a 2 year old male child was brought with C/O progressive chest deformity which was first noticed at 6 months of age. history of recurrent chest infection present although present respiratory and CVS examination is unremarkable..discuss


pectus carinatum.caused due to repeated attack s of hyperreactive airways disease exacerbated by underlying vitamin d deficiency.
Agree with dr jaweed.

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Pectus carinatum or pigeon chest seen in rickets ,poorly controlled asthma n post cardiac surgery .Also ass with syndromes like Turners ,Noonans,Marfans ,Trisomy 18 n 21 ,leopard n homocystinuria ,Ehler Danlos n Morquio
Typically Rickets (Pigeon chest) due to deficiency of vitamin D and calcium. Sunbath and calcium improve chest deformity as well prevent recurrent chest infection
Are the parents of the child consanguineous? Is there facial dysmorphism? Any congenital heart defects? Could be syndromic if other features persist.
no consanguinity. no facial dysmorphism or heart defects on clinical examination. .
pigeon chest. secondary to recurrent chest infection with respiratory distress leading to this chest deformity. no definitive treatment.
it may be cobbler chest plus calcium and vit.d defficiency vit do 2d echo or at least cxr
pigeon chest. weaknesses of sternum , increased intrathoracic pressure, thoracic lordosis
Please rule out rickets. It's pectus carinatum.
pectus carinatum. ..Rule out rickets
Vit D Deficiency Rickets
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