"What is the Diagnosis?"

A 13 yrs old female patient Aditi with black hair reported 12yrs history of lack of hair growth & appearence of weak & brittle hair strands. Her mother denied similar case in the family. SCALP EXAMINATION: Scalp examination revealed Thick Coar and brittle Hair in the right and left occipitotemporal region.   CAPILLISCOPE EXAMINATION: Flaky scalp Twisted hair shaft Beeded hair Case History: Medical History Presenting Complaint hair breakage . since childhood   Hairfall: No   Thinning:No   Premature Greying:No   Dandruff:Yes   Itching:No   Boils:No   Pigmentation:No   Dryness of Hair:yes Breakage of Hair:yes Frizzy Hair:No   No Complaints Routine Checkup Skin Eruptions:no Pain in Roots:No   Burning Sensation:No   On Examination  Oiling:Once in a week   Hair Loss Pattern of hair loss:Oiling   Health History   Illness:nad   Past History:nad   Past Medicine History:No   Present Medicine History:No   Infection:nad   Injuries:nad   Surgery:nad   Emotional Factors/Stress:+   Thirst:3-4glasses   Sleep Problems:Sound   Dietary Information   Vegeterian:MIXED   Carbohydrates:No   Fats:No   Dairy products:Milk   Fruits/vegetables:No   Sugar/Sugary foods:No Family History Similiar Problem:Nad

@seborrheic dermatitis ?
Seborrheic dermatitis is also there but along with some other hair shaft disorder...

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