22 days old new born born with these deformities. history of difficult and prolonged labour. fontanalle open. please identify the condition and suggest treatment


Congenital obstuctive hydrocaphalus. May be due to aquiductal stenosis or Dandy Walker syndrome.
Is this exophthalomos is due to hyperthyroidism or it is a case of bilateral retinoblastoma??
Craniosynostosis - scaphocephaly ( fusion of sagittal suture ) - long & narrow head .
Fontanalle open
Congential Hydrocephalus Large head must have caused prolonged and diffcult labour
?? Cong hypothyroidism....coarse facies with mactoglossia
Apert syndrome
Congenital hypothyroidism-coarse facies,macroglossia,open fontanelle Treament -early recognisation and treatment with levothyroxine
Congenital exopthalamus with low set ears with h/o- prolonged labour can be suggestive of Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome
This may be IUGR born baby or a case of severe birth asphyxia and it's sequalae or both...
Congenital hypothyroidism or crouzon syndrome
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