70yr old female complaining of itching all over body and blackish face since 20 days..use of some herbals like alo vera or something else before...no history of diabetes and HTN What is dx and rx ?


@Dr. Shivaji Mhaske -photodermatitis
Drug induced photosensitivity Photodermatis Suggest, stop offending drug , avoid exposure to sun, use sun screen lotions, antihistamines, short course of steroids orally and topically .
Psoriatic arthritis will have that pigmentation , we have to concentrate on bone , then result is assured
allergic dermatitis antihistaminics low dose steroids for a wk vitamins sunscreen
It is allergic @@@@reaction of local application
Need to c some more areas ..?Reilhs melanosis
Lichen planus pigmentoses , amyloidosis
Photo allergic dermatitis.
?? Pmle ??? Pellagra
Contact dermatitis
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