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A 38-year-old male came because of fever (37,8°C) which is measured during his visit to the primary care emergency service. He went there because of pain in his left wrist after he slip and fell on stairs. On exam, he has swelling and pain in his left wrist on palpation with crepitation on joint flexion, and some warmth. His temperature was 37,7°C. The rest of exam was unremarkable. We performed X-ray of the wrist and also chest X-ray because of COVID-19 situation and his fever. His chest-X ray was normal, but wrist X-ray showed fracture of styloid processes of radius. His labs showed normal CRP with slight leukocytosis (12.1). The patient was sampled for SARS-CoV-2 (results pending). What is your opinion on this case? Do you see more traumatic changes on those X-rays? Do you see a fever with bone fracture? What would be the management?

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Undisplaced styloid radius with soft tissue swelling Likely secondary infection Treat with broadspectrum antibiotics Antiinflamatory Splint cast to wrist Once infection and temperature are resolved Pop cast for 3to4 weeks Rest you are expert
Fracture radius and ? scaphoid
Fracture in radius and styloid

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