What is the diagnosis? A) Diverticular abscess B) Hirschsprung's disease C) Sigmoid volvulus D) Small-bowel obstruction E) Trichobezoar

It is sigmoid volvulus seen
C. Sigmoid Volvulus. sigmoid volvulus, is volvulus affecting the sigmoid colon. It is a common cause of bowel obstruction and constipation. It is common in Asia, India (7% of intestinal obstruction) and especially South India because of the high fibre diet.
Yes dialated ascending colon suggest sigmoid valvulus ans is C
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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C.... coffee bean sign.. suggestive of sigmoid volvulus
Right is C Sigmoid volvulus.
C) sigmoid volvulus
C sigmoid volvulus
Answer is C
Thanks Dr Sanjoy sarkar

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