12 year female with this post aural swelling..line of management plz


Swelling Lt Pinna Any h/o trauma ? Do an autoscopy for any EAC/ TM findings. D/D- - Haematoma (consolidated) - Dermoid cyst - Lipoma - Sebaceous cyst ( Unlikely) Treatment- - Surgical excision intoto with HPE. - Closure with button/ splint adviced if haematoma to prevent recollection.
Only post aural sewlling cystic and fluctuant.no h/o trauma,slowly increasing in size

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Dermoid cyst or lipoma Excisional biopsy
Dermoid cyst Treatment- excision under LA
Dermoid cyst
Dear Dr. If fluctuations are present likelihood of cst is almost sure. To remain safe Get a usg and exise the cyst
Thanks sir

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Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis. (winkler’s). Basically a cyst in the layers of cartilage. Excision.
Dermoid Cyst Or Lipoma Edison is needed confirmation will do only after Excisional Biopsy
Cystic swelling needs excision and histopathological examination
Apear to be dermoid cyst.. Excision is advisable
A case of? Cartilage cyst.rx surgical removal
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