Why malaria.. esp. falciparum is unknown in cases of sickle cell disease?

Protective effect is duo to enzyme heme oxygenate 1 Which is strongly expressed by sickle cell patient Which produced carbon monoxide gas Will have protecting property against plasmodium species Duo to these suckling occur and sickle Rbc is phagocyte by Macrophage Give natural protection against malaria
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Multiple hypothesis existing... exact cause yet to be unveiled... 1. Presence of S gene.. abnormal allele... confering.. natural immunity/natural selection. 2.Sickle shape and rigid cell wall of rbc.. offers protection. 3.Increased splenic phagocytosis. 4.Premature hemolysis and parasite death. 5.Impaired hb digestion 6.presence of heme oxygenase 1 enzyme in sickle cells... and low pH of free heme. At low pH enzyme heme oxygenase breaks down heme.. to liberate carbon monoxide... which inhibits parasite growth. 7.Absent or weakened or aberrant cytoadherence... Decreased pfEmp1(p. falci.specific membrane protein 1)on infected rbc.. leading to less binding of parasites.. to endothelium... poor cytoadhesion. 8.Low oxygen tension in sickle rbc.. inhibitory to parasites. Low O2 dependent HbS polymerisation... inhibits... parasite growth as well as cytoadherence... most recent concept.