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In the current advent of Corona crisis, we, as a Dentist understand the inconvenience caused to our patients. Now you can take basic care of your Oral hygiene at home. I have come up with a Dental blog "OROMIRROR" which would provide general awareness to the recent developments both to a Dentist and a patient. You can also subscribe via email to make sure you don't miss my future posts. Feel free to provide your feedback in comments. Here is the link below : Regards Dr. Haritma



Nice mam...
Thnku so much dear @Dr. Saloni Arora

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Nice initiative thank you for sharing Dr Haritima Nigam.
Thnku so much dear @Dr. Kausar Yadwad
Awesome...I have shared it on my LinkedIn page
Thnku so much dear @Dr. Abhishek Dubey
Awesome ma'am
Thnku so much dear @Dr. Ashish Tiwari
Good work
@Dr. Shaleen Bhatia Thnku Doc
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