A 60 year Female was admitted with bleeding per anum associated with bloating and diarrhea since 6 months


Please consider for biopsy and CECT Abdomen and pelvis. Looks like malignant lesion but we need to prove it and stage the disease
it's okay mostly malignant.. as patient is old. And can anal canal/margin is common in typical elderly females.. she requires staging. CENT abdomen and biopsy of the lesion. Most probably it will be a squamous cell carcinoma. Options need to to be discussed it it turns out to be malignant. Recommended treatment is combination chemo radiation as per Nigro protocol and further treatment depending upon the the response. But staging is important. Even a PET CT can help in staging...
CECT abdomen and pelvis.
Squamous cell carcinoma of anal canal. A biopsy to confirm it is required. A CECT abdomen to do staging. Whatever the stage surgical excision is must .But query is how patient didn't consult earlier when it was small in size
Sir as you said whatever stage surgical excision is must pls clarify at stg iv what surgical excision is relevant otherthan diversion colostomy. If stg iii and below in ca anal canal chemoradiation is the primary treatment then how come excision has any role.

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Agree with nikhil sir... but keeping other dds in mind like prolapsed hemorrhoids. ... condylomas .. would like to do biopsy ...which if reported malignant ..then cect scan ..staging .. nd proceed with nigro regime
cauliflower growth probability of squamous cell carcinoma,hemorrhoides can be rule out easily sir,it requires biopsy.Squqmous cell carcinoma probably anal cancer
The sign that one is a le to aroundthe lesion with fingers raises the strong possibility of strangulated prolased haemmorhiods ramkrishnan
looks like malignant growth most likely squamous cell ca. Adv biopsy confirmation followed by chemoradiation.
Thrombosis piles need haemorrhoidectomy
malignant polyp anus.
Ca rectum most likely
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