Properties of Ghee,Oil,Vasa and Majja

Ghee Ghrita (ghee) is best suited for those who desire improvement of intelligent, memory, intelligence etc.  Oil Taila (oil) is suited in diseases like Granthi – tumour, Nadi roga – sinus ulcer Krumiroga – worm infestation Shleshmaroga – diseases of Kapha imbalance Medoroga – obesity Marutaroga – Diseases due to imbalance of Vata for those who desire thinning and sturdiness of the body, and who have hard bowel movements. Muscle fat and marrow Vasa and Majja – Muscle-fat and marrow are suited for persons Vatatapa – who are depleted of their tissues from exposure to breeze, sunlight, long distance walk, carrying heavy load, women (sexual activity) and physical activities; Ruksha – who are dry, who withstand strain, who have very strong digestive activity, and in whom Vata is obstructed in its normal pathways.



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