Facial palsy

How to differentiate between bilateral UMN facial palsy and Bilateral lower motor neuron facial palsy clinically only?

Emotional fibres spared in b/l UMN facial palsy and affected in b/l LMN facial palsy . Corneal reflex is present in b/l UMN palsy and absent in b/l LMN palsy
Thank you Sir. will the presence or absence of bells phenomenon be of any significance? I mean will bell's phenomena be present in umn lesion? Also, isn't corneal reflex is a superficial reflex. So it should be absent in umn lesion, isn't it? Kindly clarify these two points.
In both one side of face followed by other side except no involvement of occipitofrontalis nerve
If umn lesion is bilateral no sparing of upper half of face will be there.

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