Facial Dystonia.

Facial Dystonia. Chief Complaints A 34 yr old female attended emergency with sustained painful bizzare mouth appearance since 30 mins. Different facial expressions were evident ranging from facial deviation to pout. The facial ms contractions were sustained and painful. No associated perioral numbness or chovstek n trousseau sign. Her Sr Calcium was normal of 8.2. No significant Drug or past history. pt was managed with BZD and anti epileptics. https://youtu.be/uAWTjQjJFXQ target="_blank">https://youtu.be/uAWTjQjJFXQ Management https://youtu.be/uAWTjQjJFXQ


Looks like voluntarly keeping the mouth. What about the mouth during sleep? Hysterical conversion reaction. Ref to clinical psychologist.

Mam.. No stressors present, no family history of dystonia, no drug intake except alprax due to similar episode 1 day back. No episode during night. The movement get relieved by taking bzd, pregablin n pacitane. Her facial spasm range from pout to facial deviation just like lmn facial palsy which was difficult for any normal person to continue in that posture for 30 mins. I also noticed her drinking water in that posture only.

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