Facial pain introduction :- Neuralgia of the face is mostly on one side of the face, which is called facial pain. reason :- Sun disease, neuralgia of the sclerenchyma, headache, gingival abscess etc. are the cause of this disease. Due to viral infection in the nerves, there is swelling in the arteries, causing circular erosion and herpes zoster disease and this causes pain on the face. Symptoms :- There is such pain on the face as if someone is touching a touch. The glow of the face ceases. There is pain in the nerves of the face, which is aggravated only by light touching. The herpes zoster causes intense pain like an electric shock. The cause of sunsitis is a swelling of the nose with a swelling that spreads all over the face. Necessary instructions :- If there is pain in the facial muscles, seek medical attention immediately. Do not self-medicate. Taking buffara through the nose and keeping a warm bandage in Sanusitus provides relief. Fomenting more painful head in the abscess, fomenting the affected part with ice, provides relief. In this disease, the patient should take vitamin-B complex and vitamin-E diet. This helps to rebuild nerves. If there is no relief in pain etc. and you have been suffering from pain for a long time, seek medical attention immediately.




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