Acute low back pain

A 41-year-old right-handed male presented with acute lower back pain and muscle spasms during vacuuming. The patient has no history of trauma, but reports chronic low-grade back pain, right more than left. The patient reports no motor weakness, sensory disturbance, or loss of bowel and bladder control. How can we manage this case?


The PIVD at L4-S1 is visible. But with history of onset, it can be a Lock Facet syndrome. Please Conduct SLR to confirm the particular nerve involvement. Conservative management with Physiotherapeutic approach can be done at least for 3 weeks. For further management experts advice needed.
MRI correlates with clinical presentation L4/5 dessicated disc with bulge L5/S1 early changes This make the disc ineffective and produce back pain. Analgesics Muscle relaxants Gabapentin will help Lumbosacral corset for ambulation Bedrest till pain subsides
L4,5 disc degeneration with disc prolapse with cord compression requires decompression operation, physiotherapy,nsaid and muscle relaxant
L4 - L5 disc prolapse causing nerve root compression Adv Bed rest Physiotherapy Back strengthening exercises Pain management
PIVD L4L5, L5S1 with maximum in L4L5 with disc herniation with nerve root compression Decompression operation
Prolapse intervertrbral disc at L4L5 with disc herniation Tab. Etoricoxib Physiotherapy
Slip disc at L4L5 indentation of thecal sac Rx physiotherapy NSAIDs Muscle relaxants
Thanx dr Sanjoy Sarkar

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L4-L5 disc bulge Physiotherapy treatment can help to relieve pain
Disc degeneration with disc prolapse with cord compression
L4-5 disc prolapse with thecal indentations cord compression. Need full pictures for commenting. Needs neuro opinion and microscopic discectomy / endoscopic surgery , if conservative management fails.
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