Good morning dear friends and colleagues, Here is a new update regarding hypoglycemia. There are 3 levels in the classification of hypoglycemia according to latest guidelines. 1) Level 1 -- Glucose alert value Indicates glycemic criteria less than 70 mg/dl. Sufficiently low for for treatment with fast acting carbohydrate and dose adjustment of glucose lowering therapy. 2) Level 2 Clinically significant hypoglycemia. Indicates glycemic criteria less than 54 mg/dl. Sufficiently low to indicate serious, clinically important hypoglycemia. 3) Level 3 Severe hypoglycemia. Indicates no glucose threshold. Hypoglycemia associated with sever cognitive impairment requiring external assistance for recovery. with regards, Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi.


Wonderful latest update about Hypoglycemia, An important update for all Clinicians. So far this is the latest ADA recommendations regarding Hypoglycemia. Thanks again Dr Devi for a nice post.
Welcome Dr Mohan
Mam if it is 56mg/DL it require any treatment?
Earlier definition for Hypoglycemia was less than 56 mg/dL, the latest is less than 70 mg/dL. Treatment is very much required. Oral Glucose is sufficient. If cognitive loss, 25% Dextrose infusion.

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Nice information shared mam thanks for sharing
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Useful and informative.
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Hypoglycemia is a conglomerated rock!!No wonder we find it so difficult to treat..Thanks a lot for this eye-opener. * Want to clear my doubt-.Would treating a fresh case of hypoglycemia who is not a case of DM at all make him/ her a diabetic for life..?This has happened with some people who are hooked to drugs!....
Wonderful question Dr Rajan, Labeling as suffering from diabetes after treating hypoglycemia is wrong, There are several reasons for hypoglycemia, need not necessarily be a complication of Diabetes only. You are absolutely right Dr Rajan Thanks for your nice interaction.
Thanks.very much helpful.clinical demarcation of hypoglycaemia makes physician very much alert about Tt and he saves life of pt prior to much detoriation of mental function.
Absolutely correct Dr M R Chippa.
Wonderful post Dr devi thanks for sharing
Most welcome Dr Ashok Pareek
These are regardless of age mam ?
You are absolutely right. The definitions of hypoglycemia change from adults to neonates. Neonatal hypoglycemia is defined as a plasma glucose level of less than 30 mg/ dl in the first 24 hours of life and less than 45mg/dl thereafter, is the most common metabolic problem in newborns . Thanks for your interaction.
Nice and Informative and Thanks.
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