Treatment of Piles

Male/47 years Complaint of piles since 4 months bleeding- dark red no pain itching-++ aggravated- fatty food, hard stool, spicy food Ameliorated- soft stool Appetite, thirst- decrease Desire- sweet Aversion-eggs stool- constipated Urine- normal Thermals- hot Patient is mentally irritable, angry at trifles likes to be alone Suggest treatment Doctors



Dx Internal Haemorrhoids Rx Tab Arshakuthara ras 2 BD Syp Abhayarishta 15ml BD Tab Bolabadda ras 1 SOS/BT upto control of bleeding. Jatyadighrita at bed time and after completing stool. Avoid spicy foods and increse intake of buttermilk, water, curry with Suran+Upodhika and Banana or Ripen pappaya.
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Treatment Of Piles. Couses Piles : * Contripation Tendency Man& Women. * Excessive Taken Oily Food Red meat Alcohol. Night Hold, Rectum Teer Bleeding ~ piles. & Burning Sensation Pain Rectum. Management Piles Best Treatment. *Easy Normally Stoll Taken Vegetable Everyday. * Avoid Oily Food Red meat Alcohol *Fillup Drink water Day&Night 4/5 Lit. Rx Sulphur 200 Weekly 1dose. X1month =4 dose. Nuxvom 200 Xbd. Bleeding Recovery Terry Colour Hamamelis 30Xbd. *Red Colour Bleeding * Millifollium 0 8dropsXbd.
Suggested Ferr. Met, Sulph, Nit-acid, kali sulph. Need to be differentiated. Advise drink enough water, eat fibrous food. Try to find the trigger before 4 months.
Guava ginger figs apricots carrots pomegranates muskmelon walnuts blue berries sunshine raisins dates drumstick soup boiled diet,cool food alkaline food
Pilax Tab Triphala Guggulu Kankayan Vati Arogyavardhini Vati Abhayarishta Pilax Ointment Nidan parivarjan.
Along with your prescription, advise high fibrous diet with plenty of fluids. Spicy food to be avoided.
Rx 1. Abhyarishta 2. Styplon Tab. 3. Vranropak Tail/ Jatyadi ghrut application 4. Nidan parivarjan.
After 2nd Grade its better to go with Kshar Sutra Ligation to avoid reoccurrence
Dear Dr. Santosh Sharma Sir, Tab. Pileen 2 tds. Gulkand 1 tsp BD.
Pilocid gel Avipathikar churan Kankayan vati Arshkutar ras
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